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President – Kenneth Li
[email protected]

Photo and bio to follow

Treasurer – Laura Oxley
[email protected]

I am a Senior Teaching Associate and Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Play in Education, Development and Learning (PEDAL) Centre, Faculty of Education. I completed my PhD in Education with the Psychology in Education Research Centre at the University of York in 2021. My PhD research explored senior school leaders’ views on different approaches to behaviour management. Prior to my PhD, I studied for my Masters in Psychology and Education at the Faculty of Education in Cambridge. My postdoc work within the PEDAL Centre is on a follow-up study exploring the long-term effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an early mental health intervention, aimed at reducing children’s challenging behaviour. I am also working on a collaborative study with colleagues at the University of York on a project exploring the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on teachers’ mental health and well-being. I would like to bring my experiences to the role of Treasurer for the Trinity College Postdoctoral Society. I will aim to contribute towards the smooth running of the society and maintaining regular society activities throughout the year for all members.

Secretary – Deep Adhya
[email protected]

I am a postdoctoral research associate at the Autism Research Centre, Department of Psychiatry. I am a neuroscientist by training, and started my PhD at the Autism Research Centre in 2012, during which I investigated the neurodevelopmental origins of autism by differentiating induced pluripotent stem cells into neurons. I passed my PhD in 2016, and continued as a postdoc to further the understanding of autism and neurodevelopmental conditions. Between 2017 and 2020 I continued my postdoc in London (King’s College, London). After completion of my postdoc projects, I returned to Cambridge in 2021 to continue to investigate neurodevelopmental conditions specifically autism-epilepsy co-occurrence. During the past eleven years, I have worked alongside clinicians, biologists, research ethicists, research participants, charities and benefactors. I have also collaborated with national and international research groups and charities and helped co-design and manage successful grant applications. I was part of the 2021-22 committee as treasurer, and during that period together we helped re-establish the functioning of our society coming out of the COVID pandemic.

I wish to bring my research and academic experiences, and my experience in the TCPDS to increase engagement of postdocs within the society, and with the college and find new ways in which postdocs can contribute towards collegiate life.

Events Officers
[email protected]

William Farr
Academic events

I am a Senior Teaching Associate in the Faculty of Education, and is a Senior Research Fellow in the NHS in the area of Neurodisability.

I am a psychiatrist, and my main interest is clinical research in mental health.  I work in partnership with the Psychiatry Department and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust. My two research topics are Psychoactive Substances and Psychosis.

Lili Galindo
Academic events
Hannah Kate Jackson

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate currently working at the Department of Pathology. My research is focused on genetically engineered exosomes for therapeutic potential. 

I am the Prince of Wales fellow in luxury and social inclusion at Cambridge institute for sustainability leadership. In my role as a communications and EDI officer, I aim to create an inclusive and fun environment for all post docs to interact socially and intellectually.

Dina Khalifa
EDI and communication

Ermanno Miele
Social events

I am a Research Associate with the Cavendish Laboratory of the Department of Physics and with the Grey Group in the Department of Chemistry. Before joining the university I gathered research experience in Singapore, Italy and the US, working on nanophotonics, biointerfaces, and electron microscopy. Currently, I am conducting research funded by the Faraday Institution, using fibre optics to monitor Li-ion battery degradation.

I am a postdoc in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. As events officer, I will be organising many (informal) dinners in the hall and drinks at the bar, as well as other social events outside of college.

Margreet Vogelzang
Social events
Jordan Skittrall
Fellows liaison

I am a Clinical Lecturer in Virology based in the Department of Pathology, and practise clinically as a registrar in Infectious Diseases and Medical Virology.  I am a former President of the Society, one of the college’s Senior Postdoctoral Researchers, and I teach Mathematical Biology to the college’s Natural Sciences undergraduates.  My main focus is on promoting academic connections between members of the Society.

Title A (Junior Research Fellow) Representative – Kamil Majcherek
[email protected]

I am a Title A Fellow (i.e., Junior Research Fellow) at Trinity College, Cambridge. I was educated in Poland (Krakow), UK (Cambridge, Oxford), and Canada (Toronto). My main area of research is late medieval philosophy, especially metaphysics and natural philosophy. My dissertation was a reconstruction and analysis of the late medieval debate about whether human-made objects, such as statues, chairs, and houses, are things in their own right, on a par with, or distinct from, natural things such as trees or cats. My new project on which I plan to focus at Trinity concerns the medieval debate about the metaphysical status of numbers: what numbers are and how they exist (e.g., in the extramental reality or in the mind only?). My research involves regular work with medieval manuscripts which I read, transcribe and edit. I am a member of the British Academy Medieval Texts Editorial Committee, which oversees the publication of previously unedited texts by medieval British authors in the series “Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi”.

In my new role on the Committee of the Trinity Postdoc Society, I look forward to working on fostering and tightening the connection between the JRFs and other postdocs.

Stand for election

Committee elections are held annually at some point during the Easter Vacation or Easter Term–the current Committee will give plenty of notice as to the precise date.  The positions of President, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected; other positions are appointed by the incoming committee.

Nominations open about two weeks before the election day and close five days before, with the process being run by an Election Officer appointed by the outgoing Committee.  You’ll need to contact the Election Officer to confirm your willingness to stand, and find two other members of the Society to “propose” and “second” your nomination.  If only one candidate stands, under ordinary circumstances the election will be cancelled and that candidate declared elected.

Other ways to get involved

  • Use the Deighton Room. It is your space, and we would like it to be a place where members cultivate a community.
  • Suggest Society events. If you want to see something happen, tell your Committee.